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Word: brick
IPA transcription: [bɹ'ɪk]
Pronunciations of brick
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: brick
    Meaning: rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln; used as a building or paving material
  • Synonyms: brick
    Meaning: a good fellow; helpful and trustworthy
Usage examples
  • Coffee may be roasted in a dripping-pan in a brick oven.
  • When brick walls were cemented with bitumen they were given great stability.
  • The brick and stone business blocks, together with the public buildings, were thrown down.
  • Nor did I,--I saw nothing but what appeared to be an unoccupied ramshackle brick abomination.
  • "You're a brick, sweetheart," he said heartily, "and I've got a reward for you, a peace offering.
  • The relation 'loving', as it occurs in the act of believing, is one of the objects--it is a brick in the structure, not the cement.
  • But though the walls still stood, it was only an empty victory for the fire, as bare brick and smoking ruins are poor food for flames.
  • At San Jose, another very beautiful city of over 20,000 population, not a single brick or stone building of two stories or over was left standing.
  • How boundless are the opportunities of Kensington Gardens--the Round Pond, the winding Serpentine, the mysterious seclusion of the Dutch brick Palace!
  • Except Eridu, where ancient workers quarried sandstone from its sea-shaped ridge, all the cities were built of brick, an excellent clay being found in abundance.
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