Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: briefest
IPA transcription: [bɹ'ifəst]
Usage examples
  • He wrote in the briefest terms:
  • I now propose to state the nature of the defense in the briefest outline only.
  • The Edison concentrating plant has been sketched in the briefest outline with a view of affording merely a bare idea of the great work of its projector.
  • On these occasions, we were not addressed by our Christian names; if we accidentally met him out of doors, he was sure to turn aside and avoid us; if we asked a question, it was answered in the briefest possible manner, as if we had been strangers.
  • It came at the briefest possible interval after the beginning--this certainty that, to and fro about him, as yet however indeterminate, passed Magnitudes that were stupendous as the desert. There was beauty in them too, though a terrible beauty hardly of this earth at all.