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Word: brighter
IPA transcription: [bɹ'aɪtɚ]
Pronunciations of brighter
Usage examples
  • But she tried to look a bit brighter.
  • It made Maria's dark eyes look even brighter than before.
  • Flash follows flash, each bigger and brighter than the other.
  • The farther on he went, the brighter and clearer grew the tiny light.
  • Those we brought with us out of the south where the stars are brighter.
  • But time passed, and the light grew no brighter; on the contrary, it seemed to grow fainter.
  • "Oh! what can it matter whether I speak well or ill?" he said, and felt the light grow brighter.
  • The detective held it out, and the red spots on it seemed to show brighter in the gleam of the electric lights.
  • "You seem very merry about it now," observed Alyosha, looking into his face, which had suddenly grown brighter.
  • The term red includes all shades, sable, brindle, lemon or orange, but the brighter and clearer the red the better.
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