Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: brooded
IPA transcription: [bɹ'udɪd]
Usage examples
  • I brooded over them for another minute.
  • In people's eyes the cabbage question no longer brooded.
  • He sank into the chair, and brooded over the embers, and shed tears.
  • It was not enough that he brooded while she went to bathe and exercise.
  • The boy grew up in this dismal place and brooded on his mother's wrongs.
  • The fear and restraint which brooded amongst the denizens of the air began to affect all life.
  • He drove a stake to mark the spot where the killdeer hen brooded in the corn field, so that he would not drive Nancy over the nest.
  • Life in an isolated village, or a lonely country-house, presents many little occurrences which sink into the mind of childhood, there to be brooded over.
  • I told her whole crowds, as long as she kept the door shut, and the idea didn't seem to have struck her before; at least, she brooded over it for the rest of dinner.