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Word: brownlow
IPA transcription: [bɹ'aʊnl,oʊ]
Usage examples
  • 'Indeed!' said Mr. Brownlow.
  • 'Good!' rejoined Mr. Brownlow.
  • Brownlow, that we have so often talked about.'
  • 'We must put it to the vote,' replied Mr. Brownlow, 'who may he be?'
  • 'He would deserve to have it knocked off, if he does,' said Mr. Brownlow.
  • 'No, he does not,' said Mr. Brownlow, obviously rising in wrath as he spoke.
  • 'Why, you get blinder every day, Bedwin,' said Mr. Brownlow, rather testily.
  • 'Do not heed my friend, Miss Maylie,' said Mr. Brownlow; 'he does not mean what he says.'
  • 'Not exactly that,' rejoined Mr. Brownlow, laughing; 'but we must proceed gently and with great care.'
  • 'There is somebody else who should not be forgotten, by the bye,' said Mr. Brownlow, ringing the bell.