Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: bruised
IPA transcription: [bɹ'uzd]
Usage examples
  • He was somewhat bruised, but he was too angry to mind that.
  • They told me afterward that the stones had cut and bruised them.
  • So she bruised the nettles with her bare feet and spun the flax.
  • They had been torn and bruised by the logs he had yanked from the tender.
  • The agony in her head was excruciating, and her limbs felt cramped and bruised.
  • Vanilla beans, well bruised, half an ounce; French brandy, one gill; let it stand one week, and it will be fit for use.
  • She winced as if the hurt had been her own when Saint Hubert's gentle, dexterous fingers touched the Sheik's bruised head.
  • My shins and knees were bruised much in the fall against one of the stumps; and I had like to have been suffocated in water and mud.
  • Thornton was himself bruised and battered, and he went carefully over Buck's body, when he had been brought around, finding three broken ribs.
  • And there at that jousts Sir Kay's horse fell down, for his horse was not so big as the king's horse, and Sir Kay's horse bruised him full sore.