Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: buckled
IPA transcription: [b'ʌkəld]
Usage examples
  • Beneath him his knees buckled.
  • Brion kicked at the cover plate until it buckled, then bent it aside.
  • Now "Billy the Kid" hobbled back to the armory and buckled around his waist two belts of cartridges and two Colt's pistols.
  • So he put on his coat and buckled a strap around his waist, and went down to the village to see if he could find out who had stolen his pig.
  • Stephen Gresham was in his early sixties, but he could have still worn his World War I uniform without anything giving at the seams, and buckled the old Sam Browne at the same hole.
  • Gondy dressed himself as an officer, put on a felt cap with a red feather, hung on a long sword, buckled spurs to his boots, wrapped himself in an ample cloak and followed the curate.
  • He wore the chamois-leather belt buckled tightly round his waist next to his inner shirt, and was able to defy the swell-mob, had those gentry been aware of the treasures which he carried about with him.
  • And I did these things, not that I was an egotist, not that I was impervious to the critical glances of my fellows, but because of a certain hogskin belt, plethoric and sweat-bewrinkled, which buckled next the skin above the hips.