Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: bumped
IPA transcription: [b'ʌmpt]
Usage examples
  • Her potatoes spilled over the deck, while a wail from the front of the boat announced that one of the babies had bumped, too.
  • Even before her head had bumped, he would be hard at work. With him the thrill lay in the inspiration of the competitive spirit.
  • Instead, it slipped out of Ojo's hands and he and Scraps both rolled upon the ground in a heap and never stopped until they bumped against the rocky cave.
  • The girls turned down the lane back of the main street and bumped over the ruts until they thought they had arrived at a spot opposite McNutt's own melon patch.
  • They now seemed to be acting in concert with one another, and really looked alive as they bumped and trotted side by side, and two by two, in at the door and up close to her bedside.
  • Through the heavy downpour the trail was hard to follow, and once in a while a rear wheel bumped over a stump, and Nan was glad to drop down upon the tongue again, and cling more tightly than ever to her cousin's collar.
  • As we bumped past him, I started the "Flowers of the Forest"--the old version--on the antique stringed instrument I carried, and I sang the words very plain. Tommy's eyes bulged out of his head, and he shouted at me in English to know who the devil I was.
  • Steady!' cried Eugene (he had recovered immediately on embarking), as they bumped heavily against a pile; and then in a lower voice reversed his late apostrophe by remarking ('I wish the boat of my honourable and gallant friend may be endowed with philanthropy enough not to turn bottom-upward and extinguish us!) Steady, steady!