Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: canoes
IPA transcription: [kən'uz]
Usage examples
  • The canoes were not on the river bank.
  • They couldn't get across without canoes.
  • Our Santa Rosa canoes were about thirty feet long.
  • Now some twenty dugout canoes were surrounding the Nautilus.
  • At Santa Rosa we procured Indians and canoes for the Maranon.
  • Just then the dugout canoes drew nearer to the Nautilus, and a cloud of arrows burst over us.
  • They furnished three canoes, two for baggage and one covered with a palm-leaf awning for ourselves.
  • The Indians made camp as usual, the goods being brought from the canoes and piled up near the tents.
  • But the men unloaded the canoes and--'a desperate undertaking'--ran them down the rapids with light ballast.
  • "Well, we're on our way once more," remarked Tom as again they were in the canoes being paddled up the river.