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Word: captains
IPA transcription: [k'æptənz]
Pronunciations of captains
Usage examples
  • "Hearken, Councillors and Captains, and you, my people, hearken.
  • 'Who is that man who has fallen?' Harold asked of one of his captains.
  • If there is a mutiny, you and your captains shall be held personally responsible.
  • Later on, however, I learned that only captains and officers of higher rank can have such things.
  • Amongst those consulted were two or three captains who had on former occasions done good service in the cause.
  • At the same time arrived Captains Gifford and Knynin, from whom he had been separated upon the Spanish Coasts.
  • The French captains, seeing that fortune was not kind to them, and that they had provisions for a week only, were all for taking this offer.
  • There crowded upon her all the stories she had been told of Marooners' Rock, so called because evil captains put sailors on it and leave them there to drown.
  • For a day and a night the cowboys made merry in town while their foremen consulted and the captains appointed by the Association mapped out the different routes.
  • The work of taking out the cargo was continued under various captains for six years, and then Mr. Grose lost a schooner and was himself landed in the Court of Insolvency.
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