Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: captors
IPA transcription: [k'æptɚz]
Usage examples
  • Meanwhile his captors were busy with Father De Smet.
  • Tode had already broken from his captors and was working at it frantically.
  • Their captors were not cruel to them, for Reuben was a stout fellow, and, thanks to Onawandah, could hold his own with the boys who would have tormented him if he had been feeble or cowardly.
  • At length--in the year 1742, I think it was--it became whispered about among those restless spirits that a galleon had actually been captured, and that the captors had returned to England literally laden with wealth.
  • He hardly glanced at the children when they were pointed out to him by their captors, and scowled at poor Eunice, who forgot her part in her joy, and smiled as she met the dark eyes that till now had always looked kindly at her.
  • His high and haughty carriage was not lost on his captors, who often bent their looks on his person, with eyes which, while they lost none of their inflexibility of purpose, plainly betrayed their admiration of the stranger's daring.
  • The expedition was a failure, so far as the capture of the galleon was concerned, for she fell into the hands of Commodore Anson. In other respects, however, the voyage proved fairly profitable; for though they missed the great treasure ship, they fell in with and captured another Spanish vessel which had on board sufficient specie to well recompense the captors for the time and trouble devoted to the adventure.