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Word: careless
IPA transcription: [k'ɛɹlɛs]
Pronunciations of careless
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: careless
    Meaning: marked by lack of attention or consideration or forethought or thoroughness; not careful; "careless about her clothes"; "forgotten by some careless person"; "a careless housekeeper"; "careless proofreading"; "it was a careless mistake"; "hurt by a careless remark"
  • Synonyms: careless
    Meaning: effortless and unstudied; "an impression of careless elegance"; "danced with careless grace"
Usage examples
  • How careless!
  • "Confound such careless work!
  • "I beg your pardon; it was extremely careless in me."
  • We are a very nervous and careless people in America.
  • Then he lost courage, and became careless and reckless.
  • They were careless, and gave her meat which had a bone in it.
  • "Not entirely," replied Matilda, "and since it is granted, I am careless.
  • He was a happy and healthy old gentleman and therefore he was quite careless about it.
  • Where did you see her." I prided myself on my careless tone, but Dicky gave me a shrewd glance.
  • These dolls were very unlucky, or else their mamma was very careless; you can call it whichever you like.
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