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Word: carlos
IPA transcription: [k'ɑɹloʊs]
Pronunciations of carlos
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Sanchez, Ilich_Sanchez, Ilich_Ramirez_Sanchez, Carlos, Carlos_the_Jackal, Salim, Andres_Martinez, Taurus, Glen_Gebhard, Hector_Hevodidbon, Michael_Assat
    Meaning: Venezuelan master terrorist raised by a Marxist-Leninist father; trained and worked with many terrorist groups (born in 1949)
Usage examples
  • "Because Don Carlos has fled from Bourges, and has returned to Spain."
  • "Oh, nonsense, Eric; you're just as bad as Carlos, here!" Harrington tut-tutted.
  • "Carlos tells us he found you standing over poor Mohammed Ferriera, fighting like a commando.
  • "Carlos, did you say she told you she was going to Skilk, in the near future?" Harrington asked.
  • Her voice embraced three complete octaves, extending from the contralto D to the D upper soprano, and, though sufficiently powerful to have filled the San Carlos, executed, with the minutest precision, every difficulty of vocal composition-ascending and descending scales, cadences, or fiorituri.
  • The other Carlos, turning off to the left with a rapid clatter of hoofs on the disjointed pavement--Don Carlos Gould, in his English clothes, looked as incongruous, but much more at home than the kingly cavalier reining in his steed on the pedestal above the sleeping leperos, with his marble arm raised towards the marble rim of a plumed hat.
  • Don Jose Avellanos, their neighbour across the street, a statesman, a poet, a man of culture, who had represented his country at several European Courts (and had suffered untold indignities as a state prisoner in the time of the tyrant Guzman Bento), used to declare in Dona Emilia's drawing-room that Carlos had all the English qualities of character with a truly patriotic heart.
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