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Word: cartridges
IPA transcription: [k'ɑɹtɹədʒəz]
Pronunciations of cartridges
Usage examples
  • It is easy to load in this way with cartridges.
  • He was able to keep his cartridges dry in his pouch, but that was all.
  • But any cartridges or powder there may once have been had rotted into dust.
  • Had I possessed sufficient cartridges, I should not have hesitated to begin the killing.
  • They make the powder, the cartridges, the firearms; in fact everything of value is produced by the females.
  • These cartridges, he explained, are dropped into oil or gas wells whose owners are desirous of accelerating the flow.
  • Now "Billy the Kid" hobbled back to the armory and buckled around his waist two belts of cartridges and two Colt's pistols.
  • This enabled him to move with great rapidity, but deprived him of his wagon trains, and of all munitions of war except cartridges.
  • Then, with such patience as I could command, I collected a quantity of fruit, and waylaid and killed two rabbits with my last three cartridges.
  • Even Terry's ardor was held in check by his firm conviction that there were men to be met, and we saw to it that each of us had a good stock of cartridges.
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