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Word: cataract
IPA transcription: [k'ætɚækt]
Pronunciations of cataract
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: cataract
    Meaning: a large waterfall; violent rush of water over a precipice
  • Synonyms: cataract
    Meaning: an eye disease that involves the clouding or opacification of the natural lens of the eye
Usage examples
  • "Come down," he said, pointing to the cataract.
  • 'Is there no remedy for cataract in its early stages?' asked Marian.
  • We could see where it poured down a narrow vertical cataract from an opening in the face of the cliff.
  • He saw the cataract of the Golden River springing from the hillside, scarcely five hundred feet above him.
  • The clerk, swirling a cataract of milk from glass to glass, revealed the inner sheet of the paper propped before him.
  • Mr. Sharpe is of opinion that the tedious maturation of the cataract is a vulgar errour, and that it may be removed as soon as it is formed.
  • The flight of steps, twenty yards broad, used only in cases of emergency, resembled a gigantic black cataract nearly two hundred feet in height.
  • While she trudged home--a pleasant, inconspicuous, fluffy-haired young woman, undramatic as a field daisy--a cataract of protest poured through her.
  • I then crossed to the south side, noting the forms of the huge blocks into which the glacier was broken in passing over the brow of the cataract, and how they were welded.
  • They toiled through the naked forest, among the wet, black trees, over tangled roots, green, spongy mosses, mouldering leaves, and rotten, prostrate trunks, while the cataract foamed amidst the rocks hard by.
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