Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: ceases
IPA transcription: [s'isɪz]
Usage examples
  • Close yours, and the storm ceases.
  • Then, at a certain height, individual movement ceases.
  • On releasing the key the circuit is broken and magnetism instantly ceases.
  • Again, when pleasure ceases, that sort of rest or cessation will be painful?
  • But at the first church we come to his power ceases; he may chase us no further.
  • After a while some one gets permanent possession of the charm and the music ceases.
  • The Spider never ceases working at her carpet, which represents her investigation-platform.
  • Let down the bars, O Death! The tired flocks come in Whose bleating ceases to repeat, Whose wandering is done.
  • Take away from the consciousness this physical reflex, and emotion ceases. It is no longer anything but an idea.
  • Consequently a subject composed of matter and form ceases to be actually when the form is separated from the matter.