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Word: centrifugal
IPA transcription: [s'ɛntɹɪfj,uɡəl]
Pronunciations of centrifugal
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: centrifugal
    Meaning: tending to move away from a center; "centrifugal force"
  • Synonyms: centrifugal, motor(a)
    Meaning: conveying information to the muscles from the CNS; "motor nerves"
  • Synonyms: centrifugal
    Meaning: tending away from centralization, as of authority; "the division of Europe into warring blocs produces ever-increasing centrifugal stress"
Usage examples
  • It is dispersive, centrifugal, dissipating.
  • Does it exercise any action on the centrifugal currents which go to the motor nerves?
  • you power that does this work! You unseen force, centripetal, centrifugal, through space's spread, Rapport of sun, moon, earth, and all the constellations, What are the messages by you from distant stars to us?
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