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Word: chairs
IPA transcription: [tʃ'ɛɹz]
Pronunciations of chairs
Usage examples
  • Two rush-bottom chairs stood by the table.
  • Flying chairs are really hard to cope with.
  • But I never thought my cane-seat chairs were much.
  • In a for-real battle I'd prefer ... chairs, I think.
  • The footmen drew back the chairs and pushed them up again.
  • Dad was pushing chairs and tables around in an aimless way.
  • She looked round that place of rush chairs, cane tables and newspapers.
  • So you'll throw your chairs or whatever at that unspeakable oaf Newman."
  • He turned his head--their chairs were in front of the fire--and looked at her.
  • It is absurd for a crowd of persons to be dancing attendance on half a dozen chairs.
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