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Word: cherished
IPA transcription: [tʃ'ɛɹɪʃt]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: cherished, precious, treasured, wanted
    Meaning: characterized by feeling or showing fond affection for; "a cherished friend"; "children are precious"; "a treasured heirloom"; "so good to feel wanted"
Usage examples
  • Cherished the amiable illusion
  • She cherished no petty resentments
  • She still cherished a very tender affection for Bingley.
  • She could never be very wretched while thus tenderly loved, and cherished.
  • Now, since he cherished the rose so well, see, the rose will not leave him.
  • I'm so thankful it wasn't a cherished heirloom because then no money could replace it."
  • He cherished the thought of the duel, hoping to conceal its true cause even from his seconds.
  • The thought was too shocking to be cherished for a moment; but I could not drive it from my mind.
  • It was the working out, in abnormal form, but with essential truth, of his chosen and cherished ideal of life.
  • The king showed much gratitude to Tristram, but in the bottom of his heart he cherished bitter jealousy of him.