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Word: chiefs
IPA transcription: [tʃ'ifs]
Pronunciations of chiefs
Usage examples
  • "Take courage, brother," continued one of the chiefs, addressing Ragueneau.
  • You'd have been astonished what those two fine old chiefs knew of the ins and outs of such matters.
  • A kick facilitated Wapoota's flight, and the two chiefs returned at speed to rouse the sleeping camp.
  • In the meantime, the more aged chiefs, in the center, communed with each other in short and broken sentences.
  • From Germany, France, Italy, Egypt, came priests and laymen, princes, chiefs, and peasant students--all eagerly seeking to drink from the fountain of Irish learning.
  • This paper was signed in cipher by the seven chiefs of the conspiracy, Shrewsbury, Devonshire, Danby, Lumley, Compton, Russell and Sidney. Herbert undertook to be their messenger.
  • The rest the old man pleased with words of wisdom and let them go; Paraebius only he bade remain there with the chiefs; and straightway he sent him and bade him bring back the choicest of his sheep.
  • Clement Austin felt this, and yet he had no heart to begin life again, though tempting offers came to him from great commercial houses, whose chiefs were eager to secure the well-known cashier of Messrs.
  • The students were of all classes--rich and poor--from the sons of kings and chiefs down to the sons of farmers, tradesmen, and labourers; young laymen for general education, as well as ecclesiastical students for the priesthood.
  • Other rival chiefs of city pantheons, whether lunar, atmospheric, earth, or water deities, were similarly regarded as the supreme deities who ruled the Universe, and decreed when man should receive benefits or suffer from their acts of vengeance.
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