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Word: chili
IPA transcription: [tʃ'ɪli]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: chili, chili_pepper, chilli, chilly, chile
    Meaning: very hot and finely tapering pepper of special pungency
  • Synonyms: chili, chili_con_carne
    Meaning: ground beef and chili peppers or chili powder often with tomatoes and kidney beans
Usage examples
  • Then add a glass of sherry and stir it well before adding also a cup of rice, four cups of stock, several sweet Chili peppers chopped and some salt.
  • Afterwards he sailed along the coast of Chili, where he was able to obtain provisions in abundance in exchange for Nuremberg knives, hatchets, shirts, hats, and other articles of no great value.
  • Its inhabitants, who had been completely prevented by the continual attacks of the savages from gathering in their harvests, had died of hunger, or had perished in endeavouring to reach the Spanish settlements in Chili.
  • In the harbour of Valparaiso he captured a vessel richly laden with the wines of Chili, and with ingots of gold valued at 37,000 ducats; afterwards he pillaged the town, which had been precipitately abandoned by its inhabitants.
  • Make a dressing of the following ingredients mixed together: One ounce of butter, one teaspoonful of made mustard, one-half teaspoonful of French mustard, one teaspoonful of grated horseradish, one teaspoonful of chutney, a little Chili vinegar, the juice of one lime, salt, pepper and cayenne.