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Word: chopin
IPA transcription: [ʃ'oʊpæn]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Chopin
    Meaning: the music of Chopin; "he practiced Chopin day and night"
Usage examples
  • It is the Odyssey of Chopin's soul.
  • Presto con fuoco Chopin marks the second section.
  • It is Chopin in his most reflective, yet lyric mood.
  • Only the Slav may hope to understand Chopin thoroughly.
  • Chopin always wears his learning lightly; it does not oppress us.
  • It is really in the keys of F major--A minor. Chopin's psychology was seldom at fault.
  • And how difficult it seems to be to write of Chopin except in terms of impassioned prose!
  • It is Chopin at the supreme summit of his art, an art alembicated, personal and intoxicating.
  • "Perhaps the most touching of all that Chopin has written is the tale of the F major Ballade.
  • The "lingering" mentioned by de Lenz is tempo rubato, so fatally misunderstood by most Chopin players.