Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: clambered
IPA transcription: [kl'æmbɚd]
Usage examples
  • Up this he clambered.
  • The men clambered to their feet, weapons in hand.
  • I called Peter, and we clambered into the truck next our horse-box.
  • Smith-Oldwick pressed the ape-man's hand and clambered into the pilot's seat.
  • When we clambered up on Spy Rock, he was more subdued and reserved than he had been the first time.
  • This operation concluded, they hastily clambered over her sides, sliding down the guy ropes to the ground.
  • The wind pursued the little bush, And drove away the leaves November left; then clambered up And fretted in the eaves.
  • Then she ate a very good dinner, which was on a shelf in the corner, and once more clambered up to the top of her tree.
  • At another time he clambered up into the loft under the high peaked roof, where lay numberless forgotten things covered with the dim dust of years.
  • They seemed to be the scullions, for they clambered up the walls and brought down pots and pans, eggs, flour, butter, and herbs, which they carried to the stove.