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Word: clasp
IPA transcription: [kl'├Žsp]
Pronunciations of clasp
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: clasp
    Meaning: hold firmly and tightly
Usage examples
  • The agent took out his big clasp knife and recklessly slashed one of them open.
  • Clasp your fingers, and if the right thumb lap over the left you were born in the daytime.
  • "Indeed I'm here," she cried gayly, giving a warm clasp to his eagerly outstretched hand "How do you do?
  • He passed his arm about her waist, drew her closer to him, and taking her hand in his, held it in a warm, loving clasp.
  • "Yes, I will," said Jimmy Scarecrow, and he tried hard to bring one of his stiff, outstretched arms around to clasp the doll-baby.
  • Suddenly Link had laid his clasp on Lucian's wrist to command silence, and the next moment they heard the swish-swish of a woman's dress coming along the passage.
  • He was in the clasp of the Grand Inquisitor himself, the venerable Pedro Arbuez d'Espila, who gazed at him with tearful eyes, like a good shepherd who had found his stray lamb.
  • It was therefore well that the younger boy should clasp tightly the hand of the older, him who bore with such confidence the bow and arrows, potent weapons of those days gone by!
  • The clasp of his arms around her seemed suddenly a profanation, and he laid her down very gently on the low couch, drawing the thin coverlet over her, and went back slowly to the other room.
  • The huge figure was certainly enough to frighten any one coming upon it unexpectedly in the dark, and when Miss Allison saw it she drew Virginia's trembling hand into hers with a sympathetic clasp.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, License CC BY-SA 4.0