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Word: clicked
IPA transcription: [kl'…™kt]
Pronunciations of clicked
Usage examples
  • He bowed and clicked his heels.
  • "NEVER MIND AIRSHIP," clicked Tom.
  • A servant clicked soft light from the wall, and removed the tea-table.
  • He clicked over a lever and with a roar the big three-bladed tractor screw spun.
  • Then, in the silence of the night, Tom clicked off his call for help for the castaways of Earthquake Island.
  • Each night Tom slept with the telephone receiver to his ear, but, though it clicked many times, there was not sounded the call he had adopted for his station--"E.
  • I heard him yelp, saw him run sideways and turn, knew I had missed, and clicked back the cock with my thumb for the next shot. But he was already running headlong, jumping from side to side, and I dared not risk another miss.
  • Look at him any time within the half hour before the curtain was up, he was a member of an eminent group--a rounded company of five or more whose stout figures, large white bosoms, and shining pins bespoke the character of their success. The gentlemen who brought their wives called him out to shake hands. Seats clicked, ushers bowed while he looked blandly on.
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