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Word: clicking
IPA transcription: [kl'ɪkɪŋ]
Pronunciations of clicking
Usage examples
  • Mrs. Nestor came up the little hill to the shack where Tom was clicking away.
  • But no primrose way nor clicking cue could woo the remorseful soul of Perkins the bereft.
  • The little girl was awakened next morning by a sharp clicking sound near by, and opening her eyes she saw a tin monkey running up and down a string fastened to a branch of the tree.
  • At that moment she was drawing on a long glove and, doubtless, pining to be flying over the dancing-floor, where, with clicking heels, four couples had now begun to thread the mazes of the mazurka.
  • Suddenly a tremendous uproar filled the streets, yells, the clicking grunts of the Drilgoes, the screams of the panic-stricken populace. The invaders had arrived, and they were sweeping all before them.
  • When the operator releases the pressure on his key the circuit is broken, current does not flow, the magnetic effect ceases, and the armature is drawn back by its spring. These movements give rise to the clicking sounds which represent the dots and dashes of the Morse or other alphabet as transmitted by the operator.
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