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Word: colbert
IPA transcription: [k'oʊlbɚt]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Colbert, Colbert_butter
    Meaning: butter creamed with parsley and tarragon and beef extract
Usage examples
  • Colbert started.
  • "Monsieur Colbert!"
  • Colbert reappeared beneath the curtains.
  • "In the first place, they commit the wrong of dying, Colbert."
  • "To inherit, yes, Colbert, yes; he is anxious for my death, in order to inherit.
  • "I felt assured that in consulting you, Colbert, I should have good advice," replied Mazarin, greatly delighted.
  • Colbert resumed his place at Mazarin's pillow at the first interval of pain, and persuaded him to dictate a donation thus conceived.
  • "Ah," replied Colbert, "that is because your eminence, absorbed as you are by your disease, entirely loses sight of the character of Louis XIV."
  • The cardinal sighed heavily as he signed this; Colbert sealed the packet, and carried it immediately to the Louvre, whither the king had returned.
  • Colbert was, without doubt, very much affected, for he quitted the chamber, calling Bernouin to attend to the dying man, and went into the corridor.