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Word: collector
IPA transcription: [kəl'ɛktɚ]
Pronunciations of collector
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: collector, aggregator
    Meaning: a person who collects things
  • Synonyms: collector, gatherer, accumulator
    Meaning: a person who is employed to collect payments (as for rent or taxes)
  • Synonyms: collector
    Meaning: a crater that has collected cosmic material hitting the earth
Usage examples
  • My dear Mr. Collector:
  • Let me add that ours is in no sense a collector's library.
  • No collector of antiquities has thought it worth preserving.
  • "No, he claimed to have gotten it in trade from some wayfaring collector," Gresham replied.
  • "Rivers sold a rifle to a collector down in Virginia, about three years ago, while you were still occupying Germany.
  • Thus sorrow had become a kind of passion with him, even a kind of connoisseurship; and he had come, so to say, to be a collector of sorrows.
  • The collector who bought this spurious flintlock spotted what had been done, and squawked to the Rifle Association, and to the postal authorities."
  • Captain Mervine of the United States Navy, and Mr. Richardson, United States Collector, each subscribed fifty dollars to the cause on his own account.
  • A collector is anxious to acquire specimens to illustrate a period or a school, and forgets that a single masterpiece can teach us more than any number of the mediocre products of a given period or school.
  • Of the abbess Gertrude we read that her enthusiasm for knowledge was so great that she not only inspired others with the same enthusiasm, but that she was an incessant collector of books, which she had her nuns transcribe.
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