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Word: commandment
IPA transcription: [kəm'ændmənt]
Pronunciations of commandment
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: commandment
    Meaning: something that is commanded
Usage examples
  • "Because her mother broke the seventh commandment?
  • Slaveholding is the highest possible violation of the eighth commandment.
  • These having bestowed the boy in accordance with their lord's commandment, returned to their own land.
  • Meanwhile, news of the multitude of her lover's troops came to Hayat al-Nufus, who was still jailed by her sire's commandment, till they knew what he should order respecting her, whether pardon and release or death and burning; and she looked down from the terrace-roof of the palace and, turning towards the mountains, saw even these covered with armed men.
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