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Word: commences
IPA transcription: [kəm'ɛnsəz]
Pronunciations of commences
Usage examples
  • At this precise moment the journey commences."
  • The new theory commences by changing the order of events.
  • The operation commences with sunset and finishes with the dawn.
  • Here we are told by our law of cure, that the sphere of Lachesis commences.
  • In my judgment, it contained a fundamental biological discovery which only now, several years later, commences to find favor among the professors.
  • I mean erysipelas of new-born infants, which commences at the genital organs, thence spreads over the skin, and terminates in the induration and destruction of this organ.
  • The writing of the amount commences as nearly as possible to the extreme left of the check. The figures are written close together and there is no space between the first figure and the dollar mark.
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