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Word: commodities
IPA transcription: [kəm'ɑdətiz]
Pronunciations of commodities
Usage examples
  • We traded from island to island, and exchanged commodities with great profit.
  • Upon the exportation of the greater part of commodities to other countries, half the old subsidy was drawn back.
  • In effect, Americans were now licensed by Great Britain to trade in certain commodities and in certain amounts with neutral countries.
  • He will chatter about things refined and spiritual and godlike like himself, and he and the men who herd with him will calmly adulterate the commodities they put upon the market and which annually kill tens of thousands of babies and young children.
  • In the trade to China and India, we interfere with more than one nation, inasmuch as it enables us to partake in advantages which they had in a manner monopolized, and as we thereby supply ourselves with commodities which we used to purchase from them.
  • He also expects that, when he carries his goods to market, and offers them at a reasonable price, he shall find purchasers, and shall be able, by the money he acquires, to engage others to supply him with those commodities which are requisite for his subsistence.
  • "If the Northern states will consult their interest, they will not oppose the increase in slaves which will increase the commodities of which they will become the carriers," said John Rutledge, of South Carolina, in the convention which framed the Constitution of the United States.
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