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Word: compressed
IPA transcription: [kəmpɹ'ɛst]
Pronunciations of compressed
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: compressed, tight
    Meaning: pressed tightly together; "with lips compressed"
  • Synonyms: compressed
    Meaning: reduced in volume by pressure; "compressed air"
Usage examples
  • John Thornton compressed his lips.
  • Danglars felt the irony and compressed his lips.
  • Miss Carlyle compressed her lips as she scanned it.
  • We found a good deal of compressed fodder and boxes of maize, but no grain crushed as expected.
  • Her lips were tightly compressed and she kept whispering to herself: "Oh, dear Saviour!" "Lord, Thou knowest!"
  • Air-tight joints in the pipes which lead to the compressed air reservoir are placed in the bearings of this mounting.
  • Nor was it only at the elections that the popular feeling, so long and so severely compressed, exploded with violence.
  • So we got the big biplane together and loaded it with our scientifically compressed baggage: the camera, of course; the glasses; a supply of concentrated food.
  • To the lay mind a "storage" battery presents itself in the aspect of a device in which electric energy is STORED, just as compressed air is stored or accumulated in a tank.
  • To add to the wall insulation the south and east sides of the hut are piled high with compressed forage bales, whilst the north side is being prepared as a winter stable for the ponies.
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