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Word: condensed
IPA transcription: [kənd'ɛnst]
Pronunciations of condensed
Usage examples
  • Many of our street cars are made out of the same idea as a can of condensed milk.
  • In one hand he held a can of condensed milk that he had smuggled from the commissary department that afternoon.
  • The wood is deliciously fragrant, fine in grain and texture and creamy yellow, as if formed of condensed sunbeams.
  • "Haven't any rope," answered Tad, with a muttered "Ouch!" as his big-toe came in contact with the can of condensed milk.
  • "Boo!" said Stacy explosively, at the same time hurling the can of condensed milk full in the face of the coyote nearest to him.
  • "That," announced the Shaggy Man, "is a square meal, in condensed form. Invention of the great Professor Woggle-Bug, of the Royal College of Athletics.
  • When it is condensed at the surface of the earth we have the phenomenon of frost, but when condensed in the upper regions of the atmosphere we have that of snow.
  • I related to him what the final deeds of Captain Dumont d'Urville had brought to light, deeds described here in this heavily condensed summary of the whole matter.
  • And I myself am floating with wild caprice in the midst of this nebulous mass of fourteen hundred thousand times the volume of the earth into which it will one day be condensed, and carried forward amongst the planetary bodies.
  • As the reader will probably be interested to learn something of the theoretical principles of this fascinating invention, we shall endeavor to offer a brief and condensed explanation thereof with as little technicality as the subject will permit.
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