Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: conformed
IPA transcription: [kənf'ɔɹmd]
Usage examples
  • Sometimes, however, this rule could not altogether be conformed to.
  • True, the last line did not scan, but that was a trifle, since the quatrain at least conformed to the mode then prevalent.
  • The State authorities immediately conformed to this action of the Convention, and the laws and authority of the United States ceased to be obeyed within the limits of the State.
  • On the older portions of this moraine I discovered several kettles in process of formation and was pleased to find that they conformed in the most striking way with the theory I had already been led to make from observations on the old kettles which form so curious a feature of the drift covering Wisconsin and Minnesota and some of the larger moraines of the residual glaciers in the California Sierra.