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Word: congratulate
IPA transcription: [kənɡɹ'ætʃəl,eɪt]
Pronunciations of congratulate
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: compliment, congratulate
    Meaning: say something to someone that expresses praise; "He complimented her on her last physics paper"
  • Synonyms: congratulate, felicitate
    Meaning: express congratulations
  • Synonyms: pride, plume, congratulate
    Meaning: be proud of; "He prides himself on making it into law school"
Usage examples
  • 'Don't congratulate me, anybody!' exclaimed my aunt.
  • "We have heard of your engagement," said Martha, "and we congratulate you.
  • Just here it is well for the farmers of this country to congratulate themselves.
  • He therefore hastened to the palace to congratulate the queen on the battle of Lens, determined beforehand to act with or against the court, as his congratulations were well or ill received.
  • I had good reason to congratulate myself upon having made this experiment; for he appeared much revived and invigorated, and, upon getting out, asked me, in a rational manner, why I had so served him.
  • I went out to attend to my business (I ought to say to my pleasure), and as I did not return home till after midnight I went to bed without seeing my father. In the morning I said in his presence that I intended to call upon L'Abbadie to congratulate him upon his appointment.
  • Our vessel was instantly surrounded with an infinite number of boats full of people, who came to congratulate their friends on their safe arrival, or to inquire for those they had left behind them in the country from whence they had come, or out of curiosity to see a ship that had performed so long a voyage.
  • If we accept the theory, it would appear that we ought to congratulate ourselves that the inclination of the sun's equator is so slight, for as things stand the earth is never directly over the most active regions of the sun-spots, and consequently never suffers from the maximum bombardment of charged particles of which the sun is capable.
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