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Word: conscientious
IPA transcription: [k,ɑnʃi'ɛnʃəs]
Pronunciations of conscientious
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: conscientious, painstaking, scrupulous
    Meaning: characterized by extreme care and great effort; "conscientious application to the work at hand"; "painstaking research"; "scrupulous attention to details"
Usage examples
  • It is my opinion you are too conscientious
  • A really conscientious curate is a very difficult thing to manage.
  • He was a most estimable old man, and the most careful and conscientious doctor in the province.
  • You have been one of my most tractable and conscientious pupils and I have been proud of your progress.
  • Few can live a double life--honorable, conscientious, and exact in one part of the day, and corrupt in another.
  • After tea my father went to his study, for it was late in the week, and he was a most conscientious writer of sermons.
  • There was that in Felicia that would easily endure any condition in life if only the liberty to act fully on her conscientious convictions were granted her.
  • "'Jeff,' says Andy after a long time, 'quite unseldom I have seen fit to impugn your molars when you have been chewing the rag with me about your conscientious way of doing business.
  • It gave her a pang to hear that he was actually going, and her love pulsed higher; but she also felt a sense of relief, somewhat as a conscientious house-breaker might feel upon finding the door securely locked against him.
  • From the distance at which the courtship was being carried on, the male (who was, it must be admitted, a bit near-sighted congenitally) was unable to detect the change in personnel, and continued, even in the presence of the rubber eraser, to gyrate and undulate in a most conscientious manner, still under the impression that he was making a conquest.
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