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Word: constriction
IPA transcription: [kənstɹ'ɪkʃən]
Pronunciations of constriction
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: constriction, bottleneck, chokepoint
    Meaning: a narrowing that reduces the flow through a channel
Usage examples
  • Nervousness and mental strain are common sources of mouth and throat constriction, so make the battle for poise and self-confidence for which we pleaded in the opening chapter.
  • The judge sat quiet, but the sergeant who dared not peer too closely, noticed a sudden constriction in the fingers of the hand with which his host fingered a paper-cutter lying on the table between them.
  • Or the almost undefinable organic troubles revealed to us by the singing in the ears, constriction of the epigastrium, the jerks, the trembling, vertigo, or nausea--all this collection of organic troubles which comes more or less confusedly to our consciousness under the form of tactile, muscular, thermal, and other sensations.
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