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Word: contingency
IPA transcription: [kənt'ɪndʒənsi]
Pronunciations of contingency
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: eventuality, contingency, contingence
    Meaning: a possible event or occurrence or result
Usage examples
  • To imagine another contingency, perhaps more likely to be realised than the one last mentioned.
  • "He that takes my life," he seemed to be saying, wheezily, to himself, "takes trash: But he that takes the Daily Telegraph--!" But this awful contingency I did not face.
  • To those who criticise South Carolina as having acted precipitately in withdrawing from the Union, it may be answered that intervening occurrences show that her delay could not have changed the result; and, further, that her prompt action had enabled her better to prepare for the contingency which it was found impossible to avert.
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