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Word: converged
IPA transcription: [kənv'ɝdʒd]
Pronunciations of converged
Usage examples
  • We turned to the north between two, but to our chagrin they converged into chaotic disturbance.
  • Once only did he make pause; at a point where the tracks of two horses converged with that he was following.
  • The massive facade of Smolny blazed with lights as we drove up, and from every street converged upon it streams of hurrying shapes dim in the gloom.
  • His failure to anticipate such a chance was by no means due to an under-estimation of her powers of will, determination, or selection; rather to the feeling which, with the beat of his heart, knocked for freedom to go out, out, about the world, and with its sweeping lines converged again, to enter and permeate a heart attuned to reception and response.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Fermi paradox, License CC BY-SA 4.0