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Word: cooler
IPA transcription: [k'ulɚ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: cooler, ice_chest
    Meaning: a refrigerator for cooling liquids
Usage examples
  • The water was growing cooler as the season advanced.
  • But as he got cooler, that did not seem to him a project worthy of a gentleman exactly.
  • If necessary, conserve fuel by keeping the house cooler than usual, or by "closing off" some rooms temporarily.
  • In the cooler atmosphere her memory recovered itself; she recollected the newspaper, that Herbert had taken from her.
  • The heat was intolerable; he raised himself to the open window that he might get a breath of cooler air; his head whirled, but the half-sitting posture seemed to clear his brain, and he recalled his surroundings.
  • I want his directions no more than his drugs." He paused, and growing cooler in a moment, added, with only sarcastic dryness, "If Mr. Perry can tell me how to convey a wife and five children a distance of a hundred and thirty miles with no greater expense or inconvenience than a distance of forty, I should be as willing to prefer Cromer to South End as he could himself."