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Word: coolness
IPA transcription: [k'ulnəs]
Pronunciations of coolness
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: coolness, imperturbability, imperturbableness
    Meaning: calm and unruffled self-assurance; "he performed with all the coolness of a veteran"
  • Synonyms: chilliness, coolness, nip
    Meaning: the property of being moderately cold; "the chilliness of early morning"
  • Synonyms: coolness, nervelessness
    Meaning: fearless self-possession in the face of danger
Usage examples
  • However, he spoke with his usual coolness and certainty.
  • It only needs coolness and intellect, and it all comes right.
  • Hans with perfect coolness resumed the lead, and I followed him without a word.
  • The coolness of the September night quickened the life in him like a rare, tonic wine.
  • All present joined in expressions of praise at the lad's coolness and presence of mind.
  • "You are a consummate scoundrel, Torres," quietly said Joam, whose coolness never forsook him.
  • "Well," he remarked, with exasperating coolness, "I guess you must 'a' passed him on the road.
  • "When your father was alive, I was looked down upon by him, which caused a coolness between us.
  • Now the eyes clashed, and the Wolf, who was used to being feared, felt a strange coolness on his spine.
  • It is extraordinary that a child of that age should keep her head, and show such coolness and decision."
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording J. Robert Oppenheimer, License CC BY-SA 4.0