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Word: cornelius
IPA transcription: [kɔɹn'iljəs]
Pronunciations of cornelius
Usage examples
  • "Well?" asked Cornelius.
  • "What is it?" asked Cornelius.
  • "Halloa, halloa!" said Cornelius.
  • "Dunno!" said Cornelius, turning pale.
  • Cornelius uttered a cry, and was nearly fainting.
  • Quite an agreeable interview took place between Cornelius and the Committee.
  • Poor Cornelius, thus left alone with his bitter grief, muttered to himself,--
  • "No," laughed Carol, "the others are Susan, and Clement, and Eily, and Cornelius."
  • Cornelius Fuller, and his wife, Harriet, escaped together from Kent county, Maryland.
  • "Rosa," said Cornelius, almost gasping, "Rosa, there is not one moment to lose in writing the letter."
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording History of New Jersey, License CC BY-SA 4.0