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Word: cornwall
IPA transcription: [k'ɔɹnwɔl]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Cornwall
    Meaning: a hilly county in southwestern England
Usage examples
  • Somerset, and Devon, and make an entire conquest of Cornwall.
  • Fie on you false knight, said Sir Kay, for ye of Cornwall are nought worth.
  • And also he sware to be good friend unto Sir Tristram if ever he came into Cornwall.
  • So as they talked together, there came a king of Cornwall riding, the which hight King Mark.
  • We have proved the fish diet is not essential, as two of our cats (in Cornwall) never get it.
  • The prince, not six days old, was created prince of Wales, duke of Cornwall, and earl of Chester.
  • The knights of Cornwall are in ill repute in romance for their cowardice, and they exhibited it on this occasion.
  • The kingdom of Cornwall was thus delivered from its tribute. Tristram, weakened by loss of blood, fell senseless.
  • It is a native plant, but not found in this neighbourhood; I brought it from Cornwall, where it is so plentiful in the chinks of the granite stone-fences.
  • A gentleman in Cornwall possessed a dog, which seemed to set a value on white and shining pebble stones, of which he had made a large collection in a hole under an old tree.