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Word: countess
IPA transcription: [k'aʊntəs]
Pronunciations of countess
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: countess
    Meaning: female equivalent of a count or earl
Usage examples
  • "I will," replied the countess.
  • She is the Countess of Pimlico."
  • "Are you not married?" asked the countess.
  • "Is that a certain sign?" the Countess asked.
  • "The Countess Dagmar, cousin to her highness.
  • Walter continued to act as the countess's especial squire.
  • The next day Florence sat in committee over the lost Countess.
  • I persuade the young countess to follow me, and we take a gondola.
  • "Come with me, Walter," he said, "we must fain persuade the countess.
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