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Word: crows
IPA transcription: [kɹ'oʊz]
Pronunciations of crows
Usage examples
  • "Are there any crows to scare away at the North Pole?
  • The gypsy had often seen the young Prince pass by, with his gun on his shoulder, when he was going after crows.
  • "No," answered Santa Claus, "but I don't want you to scare away crows. I want you to scare away Arctic Explorers.
  • "The old woman has a very queer cock, I know, that always roosts on the top of her bed, and crows like no cock I ever heard crow.
  • Bibbs retained enough presence of mind to transfer the capon breast to his plate without dropping it and to respond, "Yes--he crows over it."
  • But the next summer there was no need of a scarecrow, for not a crow came past the fence-post on which Santa Claus had written his notice to crows.
  • At that point, as I now remember, the air was full of vultures (carrion crows), a hundred or more, soaring over the fields in some fit of gregariousness.
  • I can keep you in work for a thousand years, and scaring away Arctic Explorers from the North Pole is much more important than scaring away crows from corn.
  • The harrier was sitting on her newly-hatched young, and the pair of crows were feeding theirs for the last time; it was the time of the owls--and the nightingales.
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