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Word: crystalline
IPA transcription: [kɹ'ɪstəl,aɪn]
Pronunciations of crystalline
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: crystalline
    Meaning: consisting of or containing or of the nature of crystals; "granite is crystalline"
  • Synonyms: crystalline, crystal_clear, limpid, lucid, pellucid, transparent
    Meaning: transmitting light; able to be seen through with clarity; "the cold crystalline water of melted snow"; "crystal clear skies"; "could see the sand on the bottom of the limpid pool"; "lucid air"; "a pellucid brook"; "transparent crystal"
  • Synonyms: crystalline
    Meaning: distinctly or sharply outlined; "crystalline sharpness of outline"- John Buchan
Usage examples
  • Thus, next to a dike, bituminous coal may be baked to coke or anthracite, and chalk and limestone to crystalline marble.
  • Under the action of internal agencies rocks of all kinds may be rendered harder, more firmly cemented, and more crystalline.
  • THE CRYSTALLINE SCHISTS, representing the finer types of foliation, consist of thin, parallel, crystalline leaves, which are often remarkably crumpled.
  • These folia can be distinguished from the laminae of sedimentary rocks by their lenticular form and lack of continuity, and especially by the fact that they consist of platy, crystalline grains, and not of particles rounded by wear.
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