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Word: culprit
IPA transcription: [k'ʌlpɹɪt]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: perpetrator, culprit
    Meaning: someone who perpetrates wrongdoing
Usage examples
  • After a time the culprit began to feel the need of a little self-respect.
  • A piece of sharp iron entered the mouth, and severely pricked the tongue whenever the culprit attempted to move it.
  • Lucian was somewhat of this opinion himself, yet he had an uneasy feeling that Vrain might prove to be the culprit.
  • The culprit was sitting at the window in the corner of the drawing room; beside him was standing Tanya with a plate.
  • At once the liquor left the muddled brain of the astonished culprit, and, taking his paddle, he became from that hour the best of the crew.
  • As the chief slowly uttered these words, pausing impressively between each sentence, the culprit raised his face, in deference to the other's rank and years.
  • However, the culprit was much impressed with a sense of shortcoming as to the obligations he had undertaken; so the result was as satisfactory as if the quotation had been from the right service.
  • "Reed-that-bends," he said, addressing the young culprit by name, and in his proper language, "though the Great Spirit has made you pleasant to the eyes, it would have been better that you had not been born.
  • Their arrival was dreaded by the elder Miss Bennets, and Jane more especially, who gave Lydia the feelings which would have attended herself, had she been the culprit, and was wretched in the thought of what her sister must endure.
  • They who composed the outer circle of faces were on tiptoe to gaze; and even the culprit for an instant forgot his shame in a deeper emotion, and exposed his abject features, in order to cast an anxious and troubled glance at the dark assemblage of chiefs.