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Word: czar
IPA transcription: [z'ɑɹ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: czar
    Meaning: a person having great power
  • Synonyms: czar, tsar, tzar
    Meaning: a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917)
Usage examples
  • The person whom the Czar had made commander-in-chief at the siege of Narva was a German officer.
  • The King of Sweden had, of course, nothing now to do but to advance from Riga to Narva and attack the army of the Czar.
  • At length the Czar allowed the door to be opened, and the minister, with all the senators, came together into the room.
  • The rebellion was completely suppressed, and all open opposition to the progress of the Czar's proposed improvements and reforms ceased.
  • In private life he was fond of music, art, and literature; but in public life he was autocratic as a czar and sternly righteous as a prophet.
  • This child was now about three years old, but he was of a very weak and sickly constitution, and the Czar watched him with fear and trembling.
  • Then war broke out between England, France and Turkey on the one side and Russia on the other,--a war that was brought about among other reasons by the desire of the Russian Czar to seize and hold the port of Constantinople.
  • Indeed, at the same time while he was commencing the siege of Narva, his ally, the King of Poland, advanced from his own dominions to Riga, and was now prepared to attack that city at the same time that the Czar was besieging Narva.
  • The sudden appearance of so many persons, and the boldness of the minister in taking this decided step, made such an impression on the mind of the Czar as to divert his mind for the moment from his grief, and he allowed himself to be led forth and to be persuaded to take some food.
  • At the time of the death of Alexis the Czar's hopes in respect to a successor fell upon his little son, Peter Petrowitz, the child of Catharine, who was born about the time of the death of Alexis's wife, when the difficulties between himself and Alexis were first beginning to assume an alarming form.