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Word: darted
IPA transcription: [d'ɑɹtɪd]
Usage examples
  • Then with a sudden cry Estralla darted off.
  • Jasper handed his violin to Mary, and darted after him.
  • The lad darted forward, running on his toes, his eyes fixed on the saddle.
  • The Woozy began to tremble with anger and small sparks darted from his eyes.
  • He darted among them, scattering them right and left, and made for the sycamore.
  • "No!" roared Mr. Redmain; and Mewks darted from the room, followed more leisurely by Mary.
  • Josie descended from her perch, flushed with victory, and darted a defiant glance at Anne.
  • He spoke without thinking, but the flash of anger which darted from her eyes made him feel uncomfortable.
  • "Through the pretty sea weeds, fishes of pretty colors and shapes darted here and there, playing at their games.
  • "Good-by, Dmitri Fyodorovitch, good-by!" he heard all at once the voice of Kalganov, who had suddenly darted out.