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Word: darts
IPA transcription: [d'ɑɹts]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: darts
    Meaning: a game in which small pointed missiles are thrown at a dartboard
Usage examples
  • She darts hither and thither, turning and twisting.
  • Vespasian then set the engines for throwing stones and darts round about the city.
  • In vain, the Bee protests and darts her sting at random; the assailant does not let go.
  • "I know what those darts can do." He pulled a microphone from one of his pockets and spoke into it.
  • The instant it has taken hold--a little behind the neck--Grim darts into deep water with her assailant.
  • "Baseballs, medicine balls, cannon balls, rocks, bricks, darts, discus, hammer, javelin--what-have-you.
  • Feeling its retreat cut off, it readily darts into the paper bag held out to it; if necessary, it can be stimulated with a bit of straw.
  • From various attacking positions its beak darts down into the water, but often without result, and it has to go farther afield; then at last it captures a little eel.
  • However, the Jews cast great stones from the walls upon the hurdles which protected the men, with all sorts of darts also; and the noise of what could not reach them was yet so terrible, that it was some impediment to the workmen.
  • The horsemen have a long sword on their right sides, axed a long pole in their hand; a shield also lies by them obliquely on one side of their horses, with three or more darts that are borne in their quiver, having broad points, and not smaller than spears.